Theodora’s is a Taiwanese brand which was established in 2017. This is the website for customers from abroad. The service areas include Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. We will provide more service in more countries in the future. Please stay tuned for more information.


During 6th Century A.C., a talented and brilliant girl was born in an ordinary family. Soon after, she became the wife of Justinian Ⅰ(Emperor of the Byzantine Empire), she helped Justinian Ⅰ to achieve his dream, at the same time she also supported the women in Byzantine Empire to fight for their human rights. In Nika Revolt, the rebellion endangered the imperial palace, she spoke out bravely against leaving the palace: “Royal purple is the noblest shroud.” Her brave and determined speech convinced and encouraged Justinian I, this made him become courageous and confident again. Justinian Ⅰ soon settled the rebellion and made his name reputable in history.

Her name was—— Theodora.
She is the Queen of Eastern Roman Empire, also the angel of Emperor Justinian. She is his irreplaceable gift sent by God. This precious gift, Theodora, gave Emperor Justinian strength when he was facing all the obstacles.
Theodora, its origin is Greek Θεο+δώρα,the meaning is “ The gift from God”.
Theodora is a courageous, independent and determined woman. When she was pursuing her own goal, she’d also support others to achieve their dreams, she’s resolute and tolerant. Therefore, our brand chose to name after her, we hope every customers of Theodora’s could admire others’ beauty without questioning their own.
Everyone has their own merits and gifts. When we were born, God planted a tree of gift in us, as the time goes by, there would be various of gifts on the tree. Everyone has different gifts, and they’ll be mellowed in different period of your life. Just like the destiny made Emperor Justinian and Theodora be the most important gifts of each other's life, we hope the dearest you could also find your shiny and unique gift of life in Theodora’s.



Protector of Time, Theodora


Do you know that?


The most precious gift always be forgotten easily.


Moon and stars moved as the time slipped away,


they are Huckleberry friends.


Just like the light in a dark night,


wait quietly by your side, set your mind at rest.




dedicate to the angelic you.


Let me be your guarding angel,


accompany you go through every moment in your life.


Stay with you in every surprising moment,


capture every bittersweet moment with you.


Seize every precious second and every minute in life.


For the one and only YOU.




the Gift from God,


Protector of the angel falling down to earth.


The Golden Age


Wish to passing with you.


The extreme beauty,


the happiness of life,


start from this moment, now.