【Accessories Mania】Gorgeous & Warm! 6 Accessories Ease your Mind. “Hope, Strength & Love” Bring Positive Energy to You. 

Do you want some positive energy? This time we selected some accessories filled with positive energy for you. Not only do they all contain cheerful meanings, but also the tiny and exquisite appearances can upgrade your outfits, bringing the bliss to you every day.

First: Chloris Flower of Life Chain bracelet-Hope

This Bracelet of Hope is the bestseller of the flower of life series. The hallow pattern of a flower is intertwined with a light of hope. Matching with a bluish-green chronograph becomes the most eye-catching and most fortunate outfit.

Watch Recommended: Apollo Bluish-Green Chronograph

Bracelet Recommend: Chloris Flower of Life Chain Bracelet-Hope


Second: Chloris Flower of Life Chain Bracelet-Strength

This Bracelet of Strength comes in black, going well with a black watch and double the strength of you. No matter what obstacles you face, you can handle them without fear.

“Only when being fearless, your strength emerges from your inner self. With the flower of life, you will have endless energy.”

Watch Recommended: Apollo Black Chronograph-Black Dial-Black Milanese Strap

Bracelet Recommended: Chloris Flower of Life Chain Bracelet-Strength(Men)


Third: Chloris Flower of Life Chain Bracelet-Life

This Bracelet of life is based on the pattern of the flower of life. The intertwined circle follows a regular pattern and shows the magnificence of this bracelet. A simple repetition of the pattern fit in a red graceful watch, easily healing your soul with a bouquet.

“Life comes from the eagerness for love. Wearing a flower of life, you can embrace the brightness of your life.”

Watch Recommended: Chloris Flower of Life Watch-Red Flower-pattern Dial-Rose Gold Milanese Strap

Bracelet Recommended: Chloris Flower of Life Chain Bracelet-Life


Fourth: Chloris Flower of Life Chain Bracelet-Healing

“You are healed because of the love”

This bracelet healing soul with infinite circles is blooming with beauty all over the world. If you can wear a chic rose gold watch, that will be the most relaxed combination.

Watch recommended: Diana Octagon watch-skin pink Dial-Rose Gold Milanese Strap.

Bracelet Recommended: Chloris Flower of Life Chain Bracelet-Healing


Fifth: Chloris Flower of Life Chain Bracelet-Reviving

The chain bracelet of reviving symbolizes the outset of all the hope, waving like the moment that lives are breathing. You can add a brownish-red watch. The chic vogue looks so delightful, making everyone expect new days of our world.

“Reviving is the beginning of a miracle.”

Watch Recommended: Apollo Watch-Brownish-Red Dial-Brown Milanese Strap

Bracelet Recommended: Chloris Flower of Life Chain Bracelet-Reviving.


Sixth: The Heart Accessories Collection

I give you all my love. If you wonder what is the most touching word, that is love, of course. Wearing a heart charm bracelet on your wrist, matching with a gray-blue watch, I feel happy every day, just as I fill you with my love.

Watch Recommended: Venus Watch-Gray-Blue Mother-of-Pearl Dial-Rose Gold Milanese Strap

Bracelet Recommended: Nereid-Titanium Steel OT buckle Chain Bracelet.

The Accessories mentioned above are highly recommended. Come and select your own accessories healing your soul. It not only bliss for you but for your friends, too.

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