Naiad | 316L Stainless Steel Cuffs

【From Nymph of Fresh Water, Feel the Pure Blessing】

In Greek mythology, the nymphs live in a tree, river, and mountain and so on. They are divided into four types by the places they live, including the tree, water, mountain and sea. They are called Dryad, Naiad, Oread and Nereid in order.


Nymph symbolizes the hope of nature. They all live happily and freely in the rivers or mountains. They can dance and sing. Their soul will never age. All they do is simply enjoy their life. Also, they won’t get sick or die.


They are always young and happy.


Water represents purity. With Naiad collection bracelet, it makes you feel the original and pure blessing.


It also means the sweat and tear.

The sweat of hard work.

The tear of joy and happiness.



Because of that, we hope you can feel the meaning behind the design of the bracelet. They are all precious and wonderful.


The simple design helps you spread the love to others.

Simple but impressive.


Always remember this moment when you receive this pure gift.

This is the first collection of our accessories. We want to make everything simple as possible.

By giving the nymph’s name, we hope that the collection can bring you different blessing and hope.

All bracelets are 316L stainless steel. Now we have two kinds of color. One is rose gold for women and the other is black for men.  

The cuff is quite uncomplicated and chic. With The unique word carving “Theodora,” you can match all kinds of outfit.

It is also easy to adjust the cuff to a perfect fit. 

Rose gold and silver color are graceful and delicate like the stars in the sky.

The bangle with word carving is quite beautiful!

Make you look stunning and pretty with our watches.

Girls should not miss it!

The perfect item for you is right here. 

The black watch with the silver bangle is stylish and simple.

Moreover, the rose gold watch and bangle are the best combination.

You can pick the different type according to your skin color and character.

The rose gold one is for women and the black one is for men. The design of the bangle makes you put on easily.

And you don’t have to worry that you may drop the bangle because of the size.


It is so easy to be beautiful!

Give you one more choice to choose.


Do not need to compete with others.

You just have to be yourself and keep a low profile.

The collection of Naiad will be your best partner of fashion.


Have you found one for yourself?

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