One day, I scrolled my cellphone and saw the gift set of Theodora’s.

After seeing the page of the website, I found out that you could also change your watch strap as you want.


I can choose different straps to fit the different occasions.

At first, I thought the watch would be very expensive.

But it is actually affordable for everyone.


I always want to have a Milanese strap watch.

Then I decided to buy it!


Besides, another product catches my eyes.

That is Mother and daughter bracelets gift set!


At that time, I was pregnant.

I wanted to buy the same clothes for mother and daughter.

However, I had to wait for a while.

The bracelets weren’t in this case.


When my daughter was born, I could let her wear the bracelet right away.

That was the main reason that I made up my mind to buy it lol!

Oh my god!

I had lots of expectations for my daughter.

The gift set I chose was so good.

Hera Classic Eggshell White Dial Rose Gold Milanese Strap Watch & Parent-Child Bracelets Angel Gift Set for Women

It included an eggshell white dial watch, a dark gray strap, a Mother 316L bracelet, a Baby or Big Baby 316L bracelet, a silver polishing clothe, a watch warranty code and a maintenance tutorial card.


Receive this gift of love. Find the happiness of life.

Embrace the pure spirit this lovely angel gift set.


The story of the brand


In 5th century, there was a talented girl called Theodora born in an ordinary family. She married Emperor Justinian I and became the empress of the Byzantine Empire. Empress Theodora not only gave her husband support but also helped all the women protect their rights. In Nika revolt, she also gave a moving speech about the significance of the life of someone who died as a ruler. She persuaded Emperor Justinian and his forces to fight the rebels. Theodora said, “The Royal Purple is the Noblest Shroud.” Her spiritual advice saved the throne and let her leave her mark in history.


Theodora, an empress of Eastern Roman Empire, is also the angel of Emperor Justinian’s life. She is the one and only present to Emperor Justinian from God. She is his motivation for overcoming the difficulties.


Theodora comes from Greek word “Θεο+δώρα” [ijiːa], literally meaning “a gift from the god.”



I like the larger watch face (watch case diameter: 4 cm).

When you wear the watch, it won’t look too feminine.

The quality and the color are both good and beautiful.

The movement is Japanese Quartz Movement.

And the watch glass is mineral crystal.

The giveaway is the gray genuine leather strap.

(Offer Valid While Stocks Last)

There are so many colors of straps you can choose.

So I spent some time deciding which one to buy.

I picked the dark gray one.


Mother bracelet and watch are all rose gold color.

And the Baby bracelet is the original color of the stainless steel.


●Baby& Big Baby Bracelet are made from 316L stainless steel like other accessories. They are all made from medical stainless steel 316L.


●Baby& Big Baby Bracelet are 316L primary color. It won’t fade easily. You can also wear it when you take a shower.


●Baby Bracelet ( Under the Age of 2)

Recommended circumference: 10-12 cm


●Big Baby Bracelet ( Over the Age of 2)


Recommended circumference:12-14 cm



※316L Stainless Steel Information:




●Won’t fade easily or cause qualitative change.

●Won’t deform easily

You can choose two kinds of the carving word!




I chose the one of HAVE COURAGE.

I hope she will be brave to face all the difficulties or obstacles.

Overcome all the problems to fight against the world.

Like Theodora, she will be wise and fearless.

After receiving the gift set, I was so excited to let my daughter wear it.

Hope she will like the gift from the goddess.

Also it’s her mom’s blessing.


When my baby was one month old, I gave her this bracelet.

We wore the bracelets together.


I was super happy about that lol.


To change the strap or adjust the strap is also easy.

If you don’t know how to do it, you can see the tutorial video on the official website.

I showed the Mother and Daughter bracelets to my husband.

He was jealous of it! And he wanted to have that as well.


So joyous to see the little hand with the pretty bracelet!

Mom will love you and protect you forever.

This is the one month old gift for my baby.

When you grow up, mom will help you to change the bracelet into the necklace.

If you don’t want to wear it anymore, you can still keep it as the collection.

The material of the bracelet won’t deform easily.


From: 人妻艾拉

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